Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Building a house....

Before moving to Lubbock last summer, we searched and searched for a home to buy.  I am not even sure how many houses we looked at, but we finally came to the conclusion that the right house for us was not on the market.  We decided to build.   It has been a very busy process, but we are excited to see things come together.  Hopefully in about two months, our house will be done and we can finally unpack and feel settled.

Here are a few pictures of the process....

The painters are in the house right now.  When they are done, there will be a flurry of activity with the granite, tile, carpet, hardware, etc.  I will post more pictures when I can stand in the house without  smelling crazy paint fumes! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 Birthdays

Shortly after our move to Lubbock, Abby celebrated her 7th birthday (July 27).  Since we were new to the area and Abby hadn't met very many people yet, we celebrated her birthday just as a family.  It was a nice day and Abby was thrilled with her presents.

Before we left New York, Grace Petrucci insisted that Abby have her annual pool party with her friends.  It was wonderful for Abby to have a chance to spend time with and say goodbye to many of her friends.  She was even brave enough to slide down the slide!  Go Abby!

Our next birthday was Emma's on September 27th.  She turned two years old!  She was super excited to open her presents and was even more excited when she realized what was in the boxes.  She received a doll stroller, a new doll, and a doctor kit.  

Here is our 2 year old birthday girl!

Just a few days later on October 6, Michael turned 4!  He is growing up so much!  He wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake.  For the first time, his egg-free, dairy-free cake actually came out of the mold without crumbling to bits.  He was super excited with the final result!

It is amazing to me to watch these three grow.  They are so full of life and energy.  We love them so much and are grateful to be their parents!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Beginning of the School Year- August/September 2014

At the end of August, Abigail started 2nd grade at her new school.  She was nervous on her first day, but did really well.  The transition took some time; making new friends and figuring out all of the ins and outs of procedures and policies at a new school don't happen over night.  There were tears on several occasions and a couple of classroom visits by mom (me), but things have settled down and Abby is very happy with her teachers, friends, and school.  She is doing VERY well!
Abby's first day of 2nd grade!

Michael started preschool the next week (the beginning of September).  He attends three mornings per week.  He was super excited to start school and still has the same excitement every time he goes.  It is wonderful!  He has a fantastic teacher!  

Michael on his first day of preschool! 

Michael needed a new backpack for school.  I gave Coley the task of finding one for him.  This is the result: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack.  Michael absolutely loves it!  As you can imagine, Michael wears it all the time- not just to preschool!

A Trip to Nana's House- August 2014

Now that we live in Texas, it is actually possible to visit Grandma Perry in Arizona and Nana in Louisiana by car.  That makes it much easier than flying with three small children.

In August 2014, we drove to Louisiana to visit Coley's mom.  It was very hot and humid, but we had a great time!

Cowboy Boots!

In June 2014, we moved from Rochester, NY to Lubbock, TX.  One of the first things Coley wanted to do once we moved into our rental home was buy cowboy boots for the kids.  They are very proud of their boots! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Abby's Dance Recital- June 14, 2014

Dance Rehearsal- Finale Practice 

 Abby and Miss Jill
(Jill was Abby's teacher for her first year of dance.  Abby had a tough time saying goodbye to Jill during the rehearsal, knowing that our move to Texas was right around the corner.)

Abby, Tessa, and Madison are ready to dance! 

After the show, Abby had to say goodbye to Miss Dena.  She misses all of her friends at DK Dance in Webster, but is getting settled at a new dance studio in Texas.