Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Abby's Dance Recital- June 14, 2014

Dance Rehearsal- Finale Practice 

 Abby and Miss Jill
(Jill was Abby's teacher for her first year of dance.  Abby had a tough time saying goodbye to Jill during the rehearsal, knowing that our move to Texas was right around the corner.)

Abby, Tessa, and Madison are ready to dance! 

After the show, Abby had to say goodbye to Miss Dena.  She misses all of her friends at DK Dance in Webster, but is getting settled at a new dance studio in Texas.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Few Fun Pictures from June 2014

As our move approached, we just tried to enjoy everyday.  Coley started his job in Lubbock in early June while the rest of us stayed in Rochester for the end of the school year for Abby.

Abby and Emma practice their horse-riding skills. 

Michael-safe brownies were a Sunday afternoon success!  We are always thrilled when we find new things that Michael can eat (that taste great)!

Emma loves playing with her toys outside! 


And more bubbles…..

And more bubbles! 

Emma and Michael have fun riding bikes while Abby is at school. 

Abby is all dressed up and ready for Flag Day at school.

Friday, August 29, 2014

May 2014….. Moving Day is Rapidly Approaching!

May was a busy month full of house-showings and getting ready for our big move to Texas.  Things were also winding down for the school year and with Abby's dance class.  It was a fun month, and a little sad as we prepared to leave a place we love so much.

Here are just a few pictures of our family from the month of May...

Abby and Emma love their daddy! 

Michael is not about to be left out! 

Abby's observation day in dance.   

"Look, Mom!  I'm a mermaid!" 

One more dance picture of her class…. 

For Tara's birthday, Ivette Heutmaker and her daughter, LaRue, stayed the night with Abby, Michael, and Emma so Coley and Tara could have an evening to themselves.  We went to the temple and stayed the night in Palmyra.  It was a wonderful night.  The kids had a great time and still talk about how much fun they had!

On Mother's Day, we visited Sister Wheeler.  What a sweet woman!  We will miss her so much!

 Tara and Sister Wheeler visit for a few minutes.

A Sunday afternoon attempt at a picture with all three children…. 

Emma, Abby, and Michael enjoy the soft, green grass in the backyard.   

Emma loved the pinwheel! 

The plants were interesting, but not as interesting as the dirt! :)

By late May, we had accepted an offer on our house.  Coley was also wrapping things up with his job at Rochester General Hospital.  Big changes were just around the corner! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Getting Ready to Sell our Webster House- April 2014

This post is mostly for me…. so I can look back and remember our Webster house.  This was the place we called home for a little over seven years.  This is the house we brought each of our three babies home to.  We have so many great memories here with our immediate and extended family as well as many memories with the great friends we made in New York (who became family to us).

In April, we began the difficult process (made a little more complicated with three small children) of selling our house.  Here are a few pictures Coley and I took as we started getting things organized to list our house for sale.

We hope that the new owner loves this place as much as we do!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

April 2014

In my attempt to somewhat catch up, I am posting a few pictures from April 2014…..

 Abby, Michael, and Emma are ready for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  Ready, set, go!

Emma discovered the remote control and even figured out how to use it.  Uh oh, we are in trouble now! 

Michael and Abby show off their dance skills. 

When we told Abby we were moving to Texas, she cried and told us she was not leaving her room.  The next day, she told us that Texas is the Wild West.  She would go, but she wanted a horse.  Here she is, showing us her skills! 

Abby and her friend, Hannah, spend the afternoon dressing up and choreographing dances.  We had several mini performances that day. 

Michael Superhero 

Emma is just about the right size for Abby's American Girl Doll Scooter. 

Easter Sunday at church in Lubbock...
Our first visit to Lubbock as a family to hunt for a house.

During our week-long house hunting adventure, Abby created her own rating system for the houses.  She recorded her notes in a little notebook.  "P"-perfect; "G"-good; "B"-bad; and "Y"-yuck!
Her mind is ALWAYS going!

March 2014 Fun

Here are a few more pictures from our cold month of March 2014.

The box is always more fun to play with than the item that came in it!
This was a rocket ship. 

Emma and Abby have a little tea party. 

Sunbutter sandwiches taste better when wearing goggles.