Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Preschool Parent-Teacher Conference

A couple of weeks ago, I had a parent-teacher conference with Abigail's preschool teachers.  I knew it would probably be entertaining to hear about what actually goes on after I drop her off at school, but I didn't anticipate just how entertaining it would be...

The teachers had a folder with several different assessments to share.  One was just their observations over time.  Another one was a very detailed one-on-one assessment of many different skills.  The assessment began with the teacher showing Abigail her name written on a paper.  Abby was then asked if she knew what it said.  Abigail passed that one with flying colors.  Then the teacher asked her if she knew what her last name was.  Abby looked at her teacher and responded, "If you don't know that, you must be having a really bad day!"  The teacher, trying not to laugh, told Abby that she DID know her last name, but wanted to know if ABBY could say her last name.

That was just the beginning.  The assessment continued with several other comical responses from our precocious four year old.  The poor teacher was trying to write down everything Abby said because it was just so funny.  She said at one point that she was worried that her pen was going to run out of ink because of how much she was trying to write.  I guess next time she should just record Abby talking and then transcribe it.  Part of the reason the teacher wanted to write everything down was that she wasn't sure which stories were true and what was Abby's imagination!

Some of you may remember Abby's conversation with my friend Kathy when Abby was three years old.  Kathy was coloring with Abby at church and said, "Look, this crayon is green like your dress."  Abby's response?  "My dress is chartreuse!"
At that point, Coley and I commented that Abby's Kindergarten teacher would have her hands full.  After Abigail's parent-teacher conference a couple of weeks ago, we are even more sure of that.  Prepare yourself future Kinder teacher of Abby....she is on her way!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is here.... a bit early!

This picture was taken almost a week ago.  My magnolia bush is now in full bloom and it is still March!  Last week we had several days in a row with temperatures in the 70's.  For upstate NY at this time of year, that is just crazy!  We were loving it!  We spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  The trees are starting to get their leaves and birds are singing.  I love spring!  This week is cold, but it is still clear and sunny.  Just to give you an idea of how early spring is this year, my magnolia bush did not bloom until the end of April/beginning of May last year!  There are NO complaints here! 

A Box

I love that something as simple as an empty diaper box can provide hours of entertainment!