Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter is always such a special time as we reflect on the resurrection of our Savior.  I also love that it is in the Spring.  This year on Easter, I was just starting to pull out of the terrible sickness that I experience in the beginning of pregnancy.  I'm so grateful I was feeling well enough to enjoy the day with my family.

Abigail had a great time decorating Easter eggs the day before Easter.  Thank you, Nancy, for hard-boiling the eggs for me at your house so I wasn't overwhelmed with the smell.  If it wasn't for you, Abby wouldn't have been able to do Easter eggs this year.  (My "superpower" sense of smell due to pregnancy is back!) 


 Abigail was so excited Easter morning to see if the Easter bunny had found her.  As you can see, he didn't miss our house!

Michael checks out his Easter basket before church.  The Easter bunny was very careful to leave Michael toys and treats that were safe for him because of his allergies. 

It was a bit windy after church, but it was an absolutely beautiful day!

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Petruccis for Easter dinner.  We always love spending time with them.  When I asked Mrs. Petrucci what I could bring for dinner, her response was the same as usual... "You just bring the children!"  When we arrived, they had an Easter egg hunt for the little children and there was even a special visit from the Easter bunny!

Even though he couldn't eat the candy, Michael had a GREAT time looking for Easter eggs!

And there is the Easter bunny!  Michael wasn't so sure about getting too close to him.  I can't say that I blame him!  (Look how handsome Michael looks in his Sunday clothes!)

What a wonderful Easter it was!
P.S.  It was also Michael's first day in nursery at church.  I can say that he survived it.....barely!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

A week before Easter, we had an Easter Egg Hunt with the children in the neighborhood.  The sky was pretty gray and it was rather cold outside, but everyone had a great time.  Within five minutes of finishing the egg hunt, it started pouring rain!  Great timing!

 On your mark....

 Get set....

(Abigail ended up winning a special prize for finding the egg with the "Golden Ticket!")

 Michael was starting to get the hang of it with a little help from our neighbor, Alessandra.

It didn't take long to teach Michael what to do!  He had a GREAT time racing around, putting eggs in his basket.

Michael's Poor Little Nose

About a week before Easter, Michael was playing in the family room and tripped over his own two feet.  He did a face plant and ended up with a nasty little rug burn on his nose and just under his nose.  He had scabs for several days.  Abigail felt sad for her brother and drew a picture of his "poor little nose."

 I did not get a great picture of the scabs before they disappeared.  You can see that he has a pretty sore nose in this shot.  This was two days later....

Here is Abby's picture of Michael.  She told me he was sad because of his poor little nose and that the marks on his cheeks are his tears.

Michael didn't seem terribly bothered by the whole ordeal.  He never scratched at his injuries.  He just kept pointing to his nose saying, "nose."  What a way to teach a toddler body parts! 

A Day at the Museum

After being stuck in the house for almost two months, I finally felt well enough a couple of weeks ago to brave the museum with Michael, Abby, and Gretchen (the young lady who was here helping me for several weeks).  Abby and Michael both had a great time!  They both played very hard, so it was tough to get many good pictures of them.  Here are a few from our adventure....

Abby poses for a picture while playing in the "garden." 

Michael checks out the ramp in the "Jack and Jill" area before running down it.  He went up and down over and over again without falling too much.  There were lots of giggles as he mastered his new skill! 

Michael loved the goose.  He even sat on her back for a brief moment....  long enough for him, but not enough time for Mommy to snap a picture!

We are all looking forward to Mommy feeling better so we can get out of the house a little more.

Friday, April 6, 2012

An Announcement....

Baby Duncan #3 is on the way.  Our new little bundle is due October 3 (three days before Michael turns two)!  I am just past the 14 week mark, so I'm already in my second trimester.  The last two months have been pretty rough as I struggled to survive the hyperemesis once again, but things are starting to get better.  I have had help for the past several weeks with Abby and Michael as well as help with cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping.  What a huge blessing!

For those of you who live close by and have wondered why I have basically disappeared for the past two months, this is my excuse.  I think it's a pretty good one. :)