Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Activities

We have kept pretty busy this summer. It has been helpful to me as I want time to go by quickly during my third trimester! In July, Abby completed a two week "Water Babies" class. We both had a great time being in the water, especially because it was SOOOO hot and humid at the time.
In early August (right after Abby's 3rd birthday), she was finally old enough to move to the next level of swimming lessons.... "Tiny Tots." She spent two more weeks in the water, receiving one-on-one instruction. I was able to observe her lesson on the first and last day. She had a great time with her teacher! She is definitely getting braver in the water!
Last week, we had a change of pace. Abby spent every morning from 10-12 at "Dance Camp." She will begin dance lessons in the fall, but the studio has a little camp in the summer for 3-6 year old children so they can see what dance lessons are all about. They spent at least half of the time doing dance instruction (tap and ballet) and the other part of the time doing crafts and games. Everyday, Abby was all smiles when I dropped her off and when I picked her up, so I know she loved it! She would also come home and show me what she learned.
Today is the first morning in a long time that we get to stay home! All of the fun activities have been great, but this relaxing morning has been fantastic too! :)

Abby practices floating on her back during "Water Babies."

Abby shows off her certificate after completing two weeks of "Water Babies."

Abby swims with her teacher during her "Tiny Tots" class.

Abby is all ready for her first day of dance camp.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bad Day for Sleeping Beauty!

Abby's most prized toys right now are her little princess dolls (that stand about 4 inches tall). They have dresses that can be changed along with little shoes that inevitebly get lost. For the past month, Abby has rarely been seen without at least one princess in her hands. A few days ago, after Abby went potty, Sleeping Beauty (wearing a purple dress at the time), was dropped in the toilet mid-flush. There were instant tears as Sleeping Beauty disappeared with the swirling water. A very distraught Abigail told me several times that "Sleeping Beauty is not safe anymore!" She was right, but the toilet wasn't safe either! About 30 minutes later, Coley received a phone call at work from me giving him the choice of buying a "snake" for the toilet and trying to take care of the problem himself or having me call a plumber. He chose to give it a try first.... It wasn't easy, but Coley did fix the problem. Abigail is much more cautious about flushing toilets these days! As for Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent's spell was no match for the damage done by a little girl learning to use the big-girl potty!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Water Fun!

Last week, Uncle Steve and Aunt Leslie came to visit for a few days with two of the seminary students they taught while on their mission in London. They spent two days visiting Church sites in Palmyra and Fayette. On Friday before they flew home to Arizona, we spent a few hours out on the water. Everyone had a GREAT time. Abby loved riding in the tube with Uncle Steve, and Coley is always happy to be in the water!

It was so fun to have them here with us. We look forward to their next visit!

Monday, August 2, 2010

30 Weeks

I am now just over 30 weeks pregnant. Yeah! I'm 3/4 of the way there! It's hard to believe that in just a couple of months, we will have a new little baby in our home. We are all getting excited! We still have not decided on a name for our little guy, but we are talking about some possibilities.... Abby says we should call him "Baby Brother." Even though I am starting to get tired easily and it's getting increasingly difficult to sleep, I'll take the discomfort of the third trimester any day over the sickness in the beginning! Now that I'm past the awful sickness that I experience for the first 4 1/2 to 5 months of pregnancy, time is flying! Baby Boy will be here before we know it! Now it's time to start doing all of the fun stuff to get ready for his arrival!