Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ride and Seek

Every fall, one of the doctors at the hospital hosts quite the event at his house called, "Ride and Seek."  There are many activities.... a petting zoo, pony rides, bounce houses, pirate ship, tractor ride, pumpkins, food, games, face painting.... among many others.   
Michael wasn't scared at all to pet the chicken. 

Abby and Michael check out the goat. 

Michael and Abby with Dora and Minnie 

Michael was so excited for his pony ride. 

Michael wanted to hold the girl's hand during his pony ride when the ride got a little bumpy.  Once he got used to the motion and was perfectly fine, he STILL wouldn't let go of her hand.  I love the mischievous smile. 

Emma even took a little turn on the pony. 

Abby was a natural on the horse. 

Abby tells the horse goodbye. 

There really was fun for all ages.  Emma loved playing in the swing while Abby and Michael played on the pirate ship.

On the way back to the car, each child was able to pick a big pumpkin to keep.

It was a great afternoon.  The toughest part was convincing the children that it really was time to go home!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Season Confusion

At the beginning of October, we had several perfect fall days.  While the weather was perfect, Michael was too excited about his new winter boots to leave them inside.  He was also pretty attached to his new, long-sleeved robot shirt.  The shorts and the sunglasses paint the true picture of the weather on this early October day.

Emma is One! (Sept. 27, 2013)

Happy birthday to our sweet, little Emma!
One year old!
Just look at all that hair! 

Emma's birthday cake: A 3-D Duck 

We had dinner and cake at the Petrucci's house.  Emma looks a little startled, but there was lots of family visiting from Italy and it was just a little loud. 

Emma was not sure about her cake. 

Emma had a great time opening her presents! 
We love you "little flower!"


Little Emma already loves shoes..... ANY shoes (not just her own)!  

I think we might be in trouble if she already loves shoes this much!  If you turn your head and wonder where Emma has gone, just check the rug with the shoes by the garage door.  She's probably there trying on Michael or Abby's shoes!

Say Cheeeeese!

The day Abby took her 6 year-old pictures, we asked the photographer to take a few of all three children together.  I think she deserves a medal for her perseverance in trying to get all three to look at the camera and smile simultaneously.  They had fun in front of the camera, as usual!
Here is our beautiful handful of smiles and giggles!

Abigail's 6 year-old pictures!

Abigail was all smiles for her 6 year old pictures!  She is growing up so fast!